Operation: Eagle Fury II


After most NATO forces left Afghanistan ISIS took the opportunity to invade the country. They were rather successful as the population was generally better treated and so gained local support. ISIS and Taliban fighting intensified and so increased the punishment the population and to endure increased. Also government forces were unable to fight on the two fronts.

NATO send out a force again to respond to this thread and support the ANA. The Netherlands send a combined Air Assault and Special Forces group to assist the campaign in Badghis Province.


Nassau10 from 103SF was inserted by a HALO parachute jump and setup multiple LUP’s in preparation of an assault on the major airfield which was fallen under ISIS control. A combination of NL Air Assault units and ANA forces recaptured the airfield with great success as Nassau10 stopped and slowed several reinforcements.

Throughout the campaign 103SF subunits assisted the ANA on regaining ground and captured multiple ISIS leaders.

As the NL Armed forces released the main airfield ISIS made an instant major attack which 103SF, Nl Air Assault and ANA had to strike back to immediately.
ISIS seemed to back down after ending this mission with succes.