Operation: Eagle Fury I


Takistan militia ran by local warlords have brought the country to the point of being a fireplace and breeding for extremists. Harsh treatment of locals and confrontations with government security forces have turned many cities and villages into a wild west type of place.

British M Squadron SBS and Dutch 103SF have been deployed as Taskforce 33 to conduct recon and strike operations in the country in order to stop militia leaders and warlords and support the local authorities in gain ground.


The Taskforce initially conducted successful recon operations throughout the AO, afterwish British forces were retreated from the AO, for political reasons. Dutch 11th Air Mobile Brigade deployed a Bataljon size unit to Takistan to complete their NATO mission.
Nassau had a primairy role in supporting those troops by directing attack helicopters and CAS aircraft to IED factories, Ammo stashes and Reinforcements, greatly multiplying the effectiveness of the main force.