Operation: Tiger Shark


An island state in near Indonesia, formally a dutch colony, has come under a coup and isolated itself from any internet and media attention. It seems to be a response to some drastic measures in economic cuttings by President Wong.

HUMINT found a rogue military leader is behind the coup and the country has become highly unstable.  UN officials expected the Netherlands would intervein with international support


103SF from the Dutch Army special forces started a joint campaign with NL MARSOF units in order to infiltratie the state and gather initial intel from observation and contact informants.

After several days into the operation enough intel was gathered to make the political decision to invade and liberate the islands. 103SF was assigned as special support and do target acquisition for naval gun fires and air support.
During the battle the separatists made a cunning plan to siege one of the navy ships. Nassau11 from 103SF were closest to the ship to respond, which they did with succes.

The campaign ended with Special Forces units cooperating in clearing key locations and capturing or killing specific C2 elements.