Our ranking system illustrates seniority, experience- and training level of a member. It does not nessecarily the skill level of a member. The system was build with the Arma community in mind while staying as close as possible to reality. The rank a member carry’s in 103SF should match most Realism and Mil.Sim group systems or is even over-qualified.

A 103SF member gains ranks by going through specific training for that rank or series of ranks. One can then grow through a series by simply showing up and/or taking roles within the group.

Additionally any member who is actively serving with the armed forces is asked wether or not he wants to use his real life rank. However if he does, he is obligated to take the tasks that come with the rank, within 103SF.

Soldaat der 3e/2e/1e Klasse (En: Private 3rd/2nd/1st class)


Within 103SF Privates are regarded as trainees. No one will ever participate as an actual SF member in this rank, if participating in a campaign mission at all.
All new members start as Soldaat der 3e klasse, when completing selection.
Once a member has gone through initial training and decides to dedicate as a member and continue, he is promoted to Soldaat der 2e klasse.
Uppon completing the Elementaire Commando Opleiding (basic SF course)

Korporaal (-der 1e klasse) (En: Lance Corporal & Corporal)


After completing the Voortgezette Commando Opleiding (Advanced SF Course) a member will be promoted to Corporal and is regarded combat-ready. This means he has gone though training like MOUT/FIBUA, Para, Jungle, etc and is capable of leading teams of up to 5 operators.
After 9 months of active membership a Korporaal is promoted to Korporaal der 1e klasse.

Sergeant (-der 1e klasse) (En: Sergeant / Staff Sergeant)


A member who has the ambition to do more within the team, like a specialist role, is also encouraged to go through leadership training. Here is he taught to lead teams of up to 10 operators and act effectively as a 2nd in command in such a team. He also goes through a short course of Command & Control and practices teaching several basic skills.

While important for every member, a sergeant and any rank above should act as a rolemodel for any new member.

Sergeant-Majoor (En: Sergeant First Class)

Sergeants who have an active role as 2nd in command of a team, are in the 103SF staf or are chief-instructor for atleast 1 year are automatically promoted to Sergeant-Majoor.

Adjudant (En: Master Sergeant/Sergeant Major)

A Sergeant-Majoor with atleast 2 years on rank, who continues to support 103SF in staff or training even while not engaged in campaign missions is promoted to Adjudant.

Tweede/Eerste Luitenant (En: Second/First Lieutenant)


A Luitenant is by definition a team leader, either a full team of operators or a smaller team of specialists. Any member can apply for a role as Luitenant after 6 months of combat-readyness, active membersship and having completed atleast one tour. There must be a vacancy for this before one can apply.

He is responsible for keeping his team at an acceptable level of training, going through the whole command & control cycle for an operation and is either an On-site commander or commander in a Command Post or HQ during an operation.

A member who is promoted to Luitenant will start as a Tweede Luitenant and is automatically promoted to Eerste Luitenant after 9 months of active membership

Kapitein (En: Captain)

Kapitein is the highest achievable rank in 103SF. To be promoted to Kapitein a member should be on the rank of Eerste Luitenant for atleast one year and have expanded his team to be able to split it into two 6 man squads effectively and maintain this for atleast 6 months.

a Kapitein is responsible for running the operation and determine long term operations and all training needs. A Kapitein is usually a Commander at the Command post or HQ. However with some larger operations he may come allong as an On-site commander.