Selection & Training

Selection & Training

The team is well established with years of weekly training sessions. Every member knows exactly what to expect from the other, relies on the other’s discipline and, from time to time, endure some serious banter.

Because we do not wish to waste an aspiring member’s time, nor our own, we have a simple but effective selection program which helps decide wether we should invest time in training to be able to catch up with the team.
The most important factor is character; Do you meet the requirements easily? Or did you move mountains to meet our requirements? How do you handle unexpected situations? And how do you respond to feedback or the lack of feedback? Do you solve all your own problems? Or do you ask for help when you need it? Are you insulted easily or do you have a large arsenal of snappy returns?

Once a new member has passed selection it’s up to us to show you our drills and hook up for the larger training missions so you can join in on the campaign missions. For an Arma experience you will rarely find anywhere else.

Quality, Challanging & Divercity

The unit has their own custom mods, the real NL Army SF Base and it’s supprounding terrains, high quality training missions with special features. Training and Campaign missions are challenging and change theme every 2 or 3 months.
Gaming sessions could take place everyday but mainly when most members are able to attend.